About Us

We can't say it enough -- You Are Awesome!  Why?  For supporting us and encouraging us to make our dreams come true!  YellowAnchor.com was started out of our home in Oklahoma, and is now a flourishing business run by us (Mike & Tracy Henderson) out of our new showroom, office and huge studio!  We often enlist the help of our "Littles" as we call them:  Savannah (18), Charleigh (10), and Ledger (8) when we need a kid's perspective or if we aren't sure whether something we create is actually "cool" or not.  Our blended family believes in dreaming big and chasing those BIG dreams!  Owning a business has always been a huge, scary dream for us; until we took that huge leap of faith and went into business together.  Our Village is loving and mighty, and the outpouring of support we have received from our friends and family throughout this journey keeps the wind in our sails!  As a social media manager, Yellow Anchor Mom likes to post fun updates about our business and personal lives on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (Channel: Hustlin' the Hendersons).  We also post about product releases, pricing specials and GIVE-AWAYS!  Yay for free stuff!  We are listed as YellowAnchor.com ((<<< and I just made that an actual link you can click on to find us)) on Facebook.  You can also link to our other social media pages by finding the icons throughout our website, too!  We are so excited to be doing what we love, and we look forward to working with you!