Are There Some Things You Just Don't Celebrate?

In the short time that we are here on this earth, we are going to be faced with many situations that bring us joy, excitement, contentedness, sorrow and despair (just to name a few).  The  milestones we reach, and the manner in which we respond to them, will decide how the world sees us.  At Yellow Anchor we firmly believe that you have the ability to create your own reality!  It is hard to always see the good in a situation.  In fact, it is nearly impossible, because sometimes we are dealt a grave hand.  But, that 'silver lining' stuff is true -- you can always muster up something positive in every situation, even if it is a super-tiny positive.  But what happens when our grief and sorrow does not allow us to be appreciative of that super-tiny positive?  We celebrate anyway!  Wait, what?  Yes -- celebrate anyway!  Afterall, a celebration is simply an acknowledgement of a significant event.  Everything give us reason to celebrate! 
This rings very true to us, because Yellow Anchor was created during a tumultuous time for our average little family.  We were faced with some significant and painful challenges, but rather than laying around with the wind knocked out of us, we made a conscious decision that we were going to take a tough time and make something amazing out of it.  We celebrated (acknowledged) our current situation by creating a business that was our very own.  And we are thrilled to be able to share it with the world each and every day! 
So today, we say... CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!


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